To sell or not to sell??

Selling is the perfect way to not only make money, but to offload additional resources that build up over time that newer players in particular might be short off. To be able to setup a shop, you will need first of all to be of rank Merchant or above.

How it works.

  1. Place an empty chest where players can access it and add an item of the type you wish to sell in slot 1.
  2. Place a sign on or within 1 block from the chest so players can easily read it.
  3. Leave line 1 blank
  4. On line 2, enter the quantity of items per transaction
  5. On line 3, enter the pricing options, B followed by the price players must pay
  6. On line 4, Enter the id/name of the item (must be exact)
  7. If you are unsure of the item name, enter a question mark instead
  8. Hold the item in your hand and left click the board