Claiming Land.

The world of Serenity is a huge 30000 square blocks area, spanning from -15,000 to 15,000 both north south and east west. Check out the world map to see what has been explored so far. All of the world is open and free to all players, except for a few reserved areas. These are the spawn town of Safe Haven, a villager outpost and a mansion which are protected public properties. All of the rest of the world is free to all.

How it works
Once you find a plot of land you like to make home or make a base for your builds and you do not want other players to destroy them, then the only way to do this is by claiming the land for your own. To do this requires claim blocks and a golden shovel to assign them. You will need enough claim blocks to cover the number of blocks on the area you select. To claim them, hold the golden shovel in your hand and touch the ground on a block which should represent one corner of the area you wish to own.

Step 1
Step 2

Useful Commands
To see your current claims, use fhe following:
To relinquish claim on land and gain the blocks back into your account, touch the claim using a stick and from inside the area type:
Claimed land is protected, hoever if you wish to use TNT to quarry out an area, you can enable or disable explosives protection using the following: