Minecraft Safe Haven.

Welcome to Serenity, a minecraft world rich in resources and home to various villager tribes. Tribes now under threat from the pillaging horde who terrorise the land by day while monsters roam by night. In answer to their call for aid, many heroes from throughout the Minecraft universe have arrived. Some seeking to help, others to take advantage of the situation for their own ends. Warriors, farmers, builders, mercenaries both good and bad, which are you??


You start off in the town of Safe Haven. Unlike the name, this world is far from safe. The town contains basic shops and sources of information to help new players get started. There is information on game features in the town library, vital food and utilities in town shops and lottery machines in the local inn where money, land and rare items can be won. There is an economy in Serenity so make sure to check out the jobs board and choose up to two jobs to start earning money right away.


The overall objective is to have fun without upsetting others but your role in Serenity is as a minecraft hero who the beleagered inhabitants look to for protection and support. It is up to you whether you are their friend or foe. You start off as a stranger with basic skills and little knowledge of the surroundings. As you progress in the game, your rank and skills increase and you can eventually assume the role of overlord over the lands claimed as your domain.


No matter how you decide to play the game, the one absolute rule here, is to be respectful to one another. Causing offense here is simply not acceptable, there is enough of that in the real world. Lets make the community here, welcoming and a positive experience for all.

Serenity, its a wonderful Minecraft world!!