Support Our Server

Everyone is welcome to play on this server for free and that will always be the case. If you enjoy playing on this server and wish to donate to help cover the costs of keeping sufficient resources available to make the playing experience the highest quality then your support is greatly appreciated and will go back into maintaining the server and services. Voting helps by promoting the server and bringing in new players.
Please help us by voting on the following sites:

Voting Rewards

As well as supporting our server, vopting also gives rewards including claim blocks, lottery tickets and vote points to spend in the vote shop. Each vote gives 1 rankup point, 1 lottery ticket and 1 vote point. Voting is the only way to rank up and for doing so, you gain additional privileges and extra claim blocks. Each lottery ticket can be used in the inn at /warp safehaven and gives money or claim blocks. Vote Points can be used to purchase items from the vote shop including access to commands such as /fly allowing you to fly in survival mode, diamond lottery tickets to win rare items or claim blocks.