Jobs Board.

No mun no fun!!
With in game money, you can purchase essenitials in the shops in Safe Haven, trade with other players using the pay command, purchase items from player shops or buy land claim blocks to expand your territory.

How to make money?

Before leaving the town of Safe Haven where you begin your adventure, take a look at the jobs board on the Library wall as you exit. As you will need to mine for resources to build, assigning the lumberjack and excavator jobs will see you earning money as you mine. As well as buying essentials in the farm shops, you can also sell your wares so establoishing farms is a great way to make money. Later if you want to cut out the middle men and sell direct to players for greater profits then once you rank up to Merchant, you can open your own player shop. If you are a proficient warrior then some of the bounty hunter jobs will have big payouts but will require you to take on the game bosses such as the Ender Dragon or the Wither. Not for the faint hearted.

How it works.


All of the available jobs are listed on signs of which there are three rows. Right click on the top sign and it will show the job payout rates. To accept a job, right click on the middle sign and to leave a job, right click on the bottom sign. Each player can have up to two concurrent jobs.
If you do not wish to return to the jobs board to do this, you can use the following commands:
/jobs info [jobname].
/jobs join [jobname].
/jobs leave [jobname].
And thats it!
No excuses for not having any money now.