Brewing and Distilling

Certain food items can be brewed by adding them to a boiling cauldron for a suitable period, this fermentation process producing the base ingredients for a range of unique brews some of which offering special effects. Using distilling and aging processes, a variety of brews can be produced such as alcoholic beverages including wines, spirits and beers, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks and tonic potions.
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The following items can be used in brewing:

Food Item
Fermented Base Ingredient
Fermented Wheat
Boiling wheat in a brewing cauldron will produce fermented wheat which can be aged to produce ale.
When distilled, it provides the core ingredients of vodka.

Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane Juice
Fermenting sugar cane produces a sugar cane juice which when distilled makes the spirit Cachace. Adding fruit such as melon or apples produces Caipirinha.

Sugar Syrup
Fermented Sugar produces a sugar syrup which when distilled turns to ethanol, a consumable alcohol additive which can be added to brews to make alcoholic beverages, but on its own is toxic.

Sunflower Meal
Fermenting Sunflowers releases the nectar into a meal which can be used to make sunflower honey.

Apple Puree Syrup
Fermenting apples releases the natural sugar in a syrup or apple puree which when distilled will turn to alcohol making applejack. Aging applejack in a wooden barrel produces apple brandy while adding wheat yeast produces cider. Not distilling and allowing the apple puree to age can add flavour and nutrients to energy drinks or smoothies.

Sweet Berries
Sweet Berry Puree
Fermenting Sweet Berries releases the natural sugar in a syrup or berry puree rich in nutrients which can be used with other ingredients to make fruit smoothies, health drinks or distilled to make wine or fruit cider.

Potato Mash Soup
Fermented potatoes when distilled enough times produces Poitin, a strong alcoholic drink similar to moonshine. It has such a high alcohol content that aging will have no effect.

Cocoa Beans
Cocoa Soup
On Serenity, fermented Cocoa Beans produce a cocoa soup which releases caffeine when distilled. Aging adds a chocolate flavour or turns to coffee if distilled. Caffeine acts as a stimulant which speeds up heart rate which makes it a useful ingredient for high energy drinks .

Milk Bucket
Milk alone cannot be fermented or distilled, but by adding wheat, the process produces Kefir Yogurt which is a healthy drink. As The creamy yougurt texture also works well with other ingredients when barrel aged.

Large Fern
Woodworm Oil
On Serenity the large fern produces woodworm oil when fermented which when distilled turns to the toxic drink absynthe.

Jungle Leaves
Herbal Green Tea
On Serenity, the juungle leaves when fermented produces a herbal tea rich in antitoxins which have healing qualities and improves with aging. Distilling the tea makes the spirit gin.

Melon Slice
Watermelon Puree
Fermenting Melon releases the natural sugar in a syrup or Melon puree which can be used for its fruit flaviour, a refreshing fruit drink or distilled into melon moonshine. With other ingredients can produce melon wines, brandy or as part of health energy drinks.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Spice Flavouring
When fermented, produces a Pumpkin Spice Flavouring

Beetroot Seeds
Beetroot Spice Flavouring
When fermented, produces a Beetroot Spice Flavouring

Carrot Juice
Fermenting carrots along with some beetroot produces the probiotic drink Kanji.

Agave Syrup
Fermenting cactus makes an Agave Syrup, a sweet drink high in fructose which when distilled produces tequila.

Pumpkin Soup
Fermented pumkins form a soup which when aged with sugar and berries produces pumkin wine.

Beetroot Soup
Fermenting beetroot produces Beetroot Kvass which is valuable for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid.

Wheat Seeds
Wheat Seed Pulp Fermenting wheat seeds produces a pulp full of nutrients and vitimins. Aging matures the pulp into Rejuvelac, a healthy probiotic tonic which can be used in health or enmergy drinks.


Distilling the base ingredients made from brewing turns sugar content to ethanol or consumable alcohol. Take care, as too much alcohol or too strong an alcohol content will have a negative impact leading to dunkeness and nausea. Drinking milk can reduce the impact from over indulgence in alcoholic drinks.

Barrel Aging
Aging allows the fermented base ingredients to mature which improves quality, adds flavour and if aged for the right amount of time, can produce refined quality drinks. Brewa are aged in wooden barrels which introduce oxygen and imbue the wood flavour into the brew. The time required varies depending on the ingredients used.

Here are some recipes to get you started.