The Rules!

Have FUN!!!
Minecraft is a wonderful game and should be enjoyable for all. Just make sure your fun isnt spoiling anyone elses!
Be Respectful
Please do not upset anyone. No insults or causing any offense. Please do not talk about sensitive topics in the public chat.
Eg: Sex, Religion, Politics
Adult conversations in private messages should be consensual.
Repeat offenders will be banned.
No Spamming
Please do not spoil the chat interface by bombarding it with pointless commenting. Community chat adds to the enjoyment of the game and should be used for that purpose only.
No advertising any products, no promoting other Servers and no scamming.
Repeat offenders will be banned.
No Cheating

Allowed Modifications
Client Performance Improvement Modifications
Modifications which simply seek to improve the performance of the Minecraft client without making changes to the game itself, such as those which improve the FPS of the Minecraft client.

Aesthetic Modifications
Modifications which change only the look and feel of the game without modifying gameplay, such as standard shader modifications or even resource packs. These must not however change the properties of blocks (e.g. make non-transparent blocks transparent) or change the players perspective (e.g. allowing them to see around or over objects they normally wouldn't be able to).

Brightness & Gamma Adjustment Modifications
Modifications which alter the brightness and gamma settings of the Minecraft client, allowing you to see in darker areas which would normally be too dark to see in.

Disallowed Modifications
Any modification which provides any significant advantage to the players using them will be against our rules.

No X-Ray

Additionally, we do also note that anything which automates any player gameplay action is strictly disallowed, be those Minecraft modifications, external software or hardware. This includes things such as (but not limited to) auto / burst clicking buttons or macros, auto-sprint, and aim assists.

If a modification does not fit clearly into any of the allowed modification categories, it should be assumed to be disallowed.
Repeat offenders will be banned.